Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Revisiting old favorites!

Im in crazy spring cleaning mode lately, trying to keep my mind off my tooth especially.. yeah when you resort to cleaning, you know its bad. Ive been in a makeup rut, using the same things over and over. I tend to go for my Deep throat Nars blsh in my At first sight palette that I need to blog about! its a great palate to take away for the weekend.
Its a sheer flirty peachy color, that has less shimmer than orgasm. I good to go blush that you can not mess up! 

But since I have been reaching for this one so often, I've neglected my other blushes that I have. My other babies! One in particular....

Its Frankly Scarlet by MAC! I don't own a lot of MAC cosmetics, shocking I know... but the ones that  I do own are some cult products from them. I wanted to get something from them that was different, not like the other blushes I already owned. When I got this bad boy in the mail, I made the mistake of adding a crap load to the brush and yeah... it was a hot mess! With this blush, the mantra less is more.. less is more.... less is more! I grabbed it from my drawer and have been adding it to my make up the past few days. It gives a pop of color, like someone either pinched you or slapped you! If you  want a great dupe for this color, NYX makes a matte red that is its long lost twin!

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