Saturday, March 15, 2014

Old standbys!

We all have that arensal of make up products that we use, always grab for, even though we have a ton of products in our makeup collection. It always does the job and never lets you down. Well here are a few of mine:

Urban decay zero eyeliner:
Every girl needs a black eyeliner and this is the one that I always grab for. I do use other ones, like stila and Smashbox. But since I seem to have a never ending supply for these bad boys, I have come to depend on them. It will be a very sad day when I have none left and have to actually buy one!

Rimmel stay matte powder: 
There is a reason this product has a cult following, its amazing! Even with the old lady smell it has, I still use this over my other powders. Even my Loreal perfect match powder. And its so cheap!

Cherry Chapstick:
This one is odd, or is it? Im not really a lipstick person (but Erika, How can you not be a lipstick person?) Because for some reason, when I do wear it, I look like a clown. Ive been more of a stain, balm kind of girl as of late. Occasionally Ill put on some gloss. But cherry chapstick over a stain seems to make me a happy camper.

Elf HD foundation: 
I wrote about this a few months ago, and I'm still using it. I may repurchase this, but only for the winter. In the summer, I try not to use anything heavy, as Ive been blessed with a super oily T-zone. Yay! The coverage is pretty damn good and it seems to work with the powder.

 and I think that's it!

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