Friday, February 28, 2014

My current favorite Youtubers!

I have the sickest YouTube obsession. I watch videos at night, right before I go to bed and its just a calming and relaxing ritual for me. Most of them are shockingly beauty, so I'll start with them first:

I've been watching her videos nonstop at night, I think she is the love child of Misha Barton and Ashley green. Another blogger who has a sense of humor! My two favorite things beauty and humor!


Meghan Rosette:
Ive never seen so much energy in a person, but its a good kind. Like a goofy kind. I love her beauty favorites, because she also includes non beauty items.

Hilarious, she does a series of videos of love and hated products and they always crack me up! Another gorgeous blogger to boot. She's ridiculously beautiful.

Beauty Crush:
She is gorgeous! I like how her videos are spread out on different topics. I can see why she is so popular.

And of course I need comic relief so I re-watch Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show. He has been on of my favorite comics for over 10 years now. I love him. Seriously.

(Paul Rudd and Jimmy Fallon...yes please)

 I also watch drawing tutorials all the time on the ole tube, Mark Crilley is amazing. I love his recent Elsa drawing, he is magic. Also FROZEN. If you do not love this movie, then well, I can not even acknowledge your existence. Obsessed!

I have a ton more, but seriously I have to stop because I look incredibly addicted already with the ones that I have posted.


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