Thursday, October 10, 2013

Baby Foot update #3 and e.l.f. Studio HD Mattifying Cream Foundation

I did another treatment last night, it sound's weird saying treatment, but I guess that it was you would call it. About 90% of my feet are soft and smooth but sadly SADLY my heels still looked gross. So I did another, and hopefully this time around it will take and I'll have baby soft heels that only people over 25 dream about!

Secondly I have found a pretty damn good foundation to carry around with me, it's from ELF. I mean to the people who roll their eyes at ELF and think its cheap crap, well bully for you, because its pretty damn good stuff. AND CHEAP. Anyway, I digress, I found this foundation a few weeks ago and I have been using it instead of BB cream for a quick cover up in the morning. Did you know that getting up at 630am is pretty much the most amazing thing ever?

So yeah... putting on make up that early is not happening, but then I look at my blotchy red skin in the bathroom mirror and say "shit" and that needs to be rectified..

This stuff is pretty much exactly what I need, its good coverage, smoothing, not cakey and its worth the 6 bucks. I happened to get it when ELF had their 40% off studio line, so it ended up being cheaper.

Now is it HD?... noooo. It's good, but not amazing. I mean for $6 you are not going to get HD coverage, sorry it's not happening. But you get good coverage and that's what counts. (well to me it is) and with a nice finishing powder, you do get a nice matte coverage. I do wish I got the matte coverage without a powder but once you turn 30, those days are over.
  •                           $6.00
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  • SIZE 0.34 oz/9.5g

Not an amazing picture, but that coverage looks pretty damn good, yes/yes?
But I must be going for now, tata!

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