Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Renee!

Happy Birthday to co-blogger Renee!

Also a review!

I am trying a product called Baby feet , its actually from Japan, and has been in America for a few years now. Ive gone back and forth on ordering it because it looked iffy, but after reading a ton of reviews I ordered it on I did it last night and now I wait for the peeling process, which look really weird but fun at the same time! 

Basically you put on the booties, wait one hour and then rinse off the product and after a few days your foot begins to peel!! Crazy yes, but the results are amazing. Or I hope! 

I will update in a few days with any results and when the peeling is done, hopefully I will have baby soft feet ( this new yorker misses them!)

Tata for now!

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