Monday, September 23, 2013

BabyFoot Update-

Well, the peeling has begun! It's gross and addicting at the very same time. It has peeled off about 90% so far, little patches left but for the most part its almost done. I think I want to do one more treatment before I post pics of my footsies, because my heels still are a little rough around the edges and then I post an after image. I promise!


  1. This is the beauty routine I hate doing the most, taking care of the feet, scrubbing, using the pumice stone and all of that but it has to be done if you want pretty sandal worthy feet lol. I love your name by the way lol :)


  2. And I like your name too;)
    I am flip flop girl and I love to walk barefoot, but I pay for it! So yes, pumicing and pedicures are a must for the pretty sandals :)