Thursday, July 18, 2013

Clarisonic Update! one month later!

Ive been doing the clarisonic on and off for a month now, once a day as two times were a little two wrecking for my skin.
No make up! (except mascara...that doesn't count)

And this is very brave of me, as of right now in NY it's hot as a bitch, muggy and downright gross( I hate the summer). So you can see it on my skin, as it is RED, shiny, and ummm red. I didn't even bother with foundation today, only a layer of SPF 30. Always wear SPF ladies! I am not innocent, I do forget time to time. But if you don't have time, a great BB cream will do the JOB!

I'm still kind of dealing with a purge, the weather isn't helping one bit and I'm hoping the birth control pills that my doctor prescribed me help me in the skin dept! (here's to hoping!) As you can see my forehead and my chin are the still spotty but hopefully with continued use, the Clarisonic will nip that in the bud. But I have to ask, does anyone have any good cleanser recommendations for it. I have been using a cleanser from Mary Kay, Botanical effects for combo skin and its pretty good but I am sure there is something more effective. Thoughts?
Ill keep you guys updated! ( much better this time!)


  1. I love using the Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash from The Body Shop with my Clarisonic. That works wonders on my oily skin, especially in the Summer. I'm in Pennsylvania, so I hear you on the nasty heat. It's horrible!

  2. Hi Katy:D
    I have heard good things about tea tree products from The body shop and I loooove tea tree oil! So I will pop into a body shop this weekend and check it out. I am running low on my mango body butter, that stuff is really addicting. And seriously, this weather needs to go away now!

    Following your blog!