Friday, July 19, 2013

A trend right now that I do not ever intend on doing!

I kinda hate trends, you are almost pushed into wearing things and using things that you wouldn't have given a second glance if they weren't splashed across every page in a magazine. But because they are trendy you have this almost middle school need to want to fit in. And I am not innocent, I have given in but this is one trend that you will never ever see me wear. Ever.
The invisible heel
Seriously, who invented these things and who do I blame? Do I blame Posh Spice? Or maybe Lady Gaga? Who by the way are the only two people in the entire world that can get away with these.
See a beautiful dress, ruined!

But there are people who love to follow trends and I say more power to you because YOU want to try different things and aren't affraid of falling on your ass in a pair of shoes like that, but if you are in the middle and want to dip your feet in the ocean of trendiness, may I suggest a pair like this:

Nude, classic, but a more supportive heel!
Read her blog, it's great!
But in seriousness, be your own person, first and foremost! Then if you must, trend away!

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  1. OMG I have no idea how people can wear those!!