Thursday, June 20, 2013

Benefit The Rich is Back palatte

It was my birthday on the second of the month and I turned 1000, no not a 1000, but i felt it. or feel it actually. It takes longer getting to of bed, and I've been feeling tired a lot sooner. but tell that to the four year old toddler I nanny for, because shes a ball of energy and gets up the second her mother leaves. but i digress, I've been pretty good with not buying beauty products, but its my bday! I have too! so i spied the newest offerings from benefit. The Matthew Williamson the rich is back palette and i needed it.
Even spike agrees.
The eye colors... so smooth and velvety. Rich and gorgeous! and it was only 34$
 Say what?!

Here are some action shots:

Those eyeshadows sold me on the set. I mean, look at them.. LOOK! Are you looking? Are you mesmerized?
Fluttershy is.

                             You see that mascara, it's amazing. Everything you have read, it is true.
Rumors have started that this is thee mascara that Rarity uses. I'd believe it.
I need the waterproof version (do they have one?) because I wore it today, and decided to have a hose spray me in the face. And the results were raccoonlicious.

The lip gloss has a slight red tint, but smells amazinggggg. Like angels tears and berries. Mmmmmmm.

the only complaint about this palette is the blush could have been more pigmented, I would call it more of a highlighter. It's very shimmery and pretty but I wouldn't call it a blush. I call it glittery goodness.
Derpy loves it.

But that's about it for now, I have sleeping to do and cloraseptic to spray in my throat about 10000 times tonight, because yes folks I am sick again.  Peace out and good night!


  1. Very pretty eye shadows and happy belated birthday :)

    1. Thanks Erica! I will post a look with the shadows soon!