Friday, May 31, 2013

Wet N Wild Going in the Wild Palette

IMG_0009 by fairymoore


 This palette was Htf in many states, but honestly I wasnt even looking for it when I found it! I was in Pathmark, and it was in the cosmetics aisle with a whole bunch of over priced loreal palettes. I knew it was hard to find but that isn't the reason why I bought it, it is because of that awesome minty color. And I mean 5$ for this palette, worth it. This is super pigmented (except the purple, but with primer its stunning!) Seriously, if you do see this palette, grab it! ( got the last one) it's a perfect spring into summer palette!


  1. doesn't look like they give off much pigmentation but maybe with a primer they will show up a bit better. I like the colors though. I have seen variations of these palettes around but have yet to get some. I think I will get around to it one day.

  2. Hey Erica,
    Yeah the pics I took didnt do it that much justice, crap shots! But I def will try and put up eye pics. With a primer that are very bright and pop more. Thanks for the comment:)