Friday, May 31, 2013

Too Faced Lip Injection ...Extreme

I am not even going to try and say that this is new to me, Ive had this product for a while now. I kind of forgot about it, and going through my make up last night, rediscovered it. I also rediscovered the 2 mins of uncomfortableness when you put it on. Yes ladies, it stings. It is not an OMG get this crap off my lips sting, but its a sting none the less. But what you want to know is, does this damn thing even work?

Yeah. Kinda. It's not Juvederm, if that is what you are expecting. Basically what it does is it kinda swells your lips up and that stinging feeling, that's the blood in your lips coming to the surface. It also contains collagen, which over time with makes lips fuller and increases moisture. I have to add that I am not wearing any lip products with this product. So if you want some kinda plumpy, pinky lips... go for it! If you want Angelina Jolie lips, make an appointment somewhere.

1 comment:

  1. I don't really need lip plumping glosses but I think this looks great on you. I have tried out a few and that tingle feeling they usually produce annoys me a bit.