Saturday, May 11, 2013

I treated myself to a little splurge!

Since I've been super stressed out lately with school (especially accounting two..ugh) and spending so much time in tutoring and such trying to prepare for the final, I decided I deserved to treat myself a little.  The first few things are from one of my fave stores, Target :)

With Memorial Day weekend coming and my friends wanting to go to Splish Splash, I realized I didn't have a bathing suit.  So when I walked into Target and saw this Stars and Stripes bikini ($14.99 each piece) by Xhilaration, it was instant love (and the last one in my size!!)
Next, I had a birthday party to go to, and I wanted a dress that screams spring (most of the ones I have with me are winter dresses), and what does that more than a mint green dress with daisies on it?  It's called the Xhilaration Strappy Fit and Flare dress, and was $29.99.
I needed something to go over that, and saw this open front cardigan by Mossimo Supply Co. in the color "dog bone" (off white) for $19.99.  It was a perfect match for the dress :))
Finally, after pining over those Seychelles mint shoes Erika posted several weeks ago, I saw them on DSW on sale, and had Yoshi get them for me (we didn't get to do Valentine's Day this year due to an emergency.)  They are GORGEOUS.  A little high (I'm not used to wearing sky high heels) so these are special occasion shoes only, but I LOVE them.  I wore them with the above dress and cardigan to my friend's party :)

And last but not least, of course I had to get my pony fix :)))  Erika and I snagged the last two blind bag ponies.  They were all opened (I guess some little kid was cheating and opening them till they found one they wanted) so we got a discount, both for a dollar (when they're usually almost $4 each!) and I got the pink one. (Mosely Orange is from a previous time):
Aren't they cute!  My accounting final is Tuesday.. wish me luck!  Once finals week is over, I'll be back to posting like normal.  I already have a pic of my April empties ready!  


  1. Very cute, love the bikini and the shoes!