Friday, May 31, 2013

Favorite makeup artist? (day 16)

I think at this point it should be topic 16! But yeah, im kinda terrible at the whole post every day thing, can you tell?

Favorite makeup artist?

My all time favorite make up artist is Kevyn Aucoin. If you are into make up and even a beauty blogger and dont know who Kevyn Aucoin is...Shame! He was such an amazing talent. My sister and me would look at his books and try to copy each look. (failing my part, but I got better!) He had three books published, "The Art of Make up" (my sister owns this one, it is hard to find and expensive) "Making Faces" (my favorite!) and "Face Forward" He died 10 years ago of complications to a pituitary tumor. 

The man was a magician, what he could do with makeup was pure magic! Seriously, if you do not own one of his books, get on amazon and buy at least one. 

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