Thursday, March 14, 2013

Yesterday's freebies

Or almost free.. ^^;;

At Ulta I was eligible to receive a level 1 freebie, which consisted of a choice of cotton balls, shampoo, a nail polish, and hair accessory for $5 or less.  I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting one more choice, but that's basically what they offered.  At first I wanted sulfate free shampoo (because I got my bangs keratin straightened), but the Ulta brand that qualified wasn't, so I went with a hair accessory.  The girl helped me pick up a super cute blue zebra print beaded flower headband by Karina French Couture, which was originally $8, but on sale for $6, (awesome!) so I used my coupon and paid the dollar difference.
Next, I had to renew my card at Sally Beauty Supply, and was entitled to a free gift.  So it wasn't exactly free, since it was $5 plus tax to renew my card, but it's worth it with all the benefits you get if you shop there like I do.  Since I was also allowed to choose a freebie, what was I able to get but- sulfate free shampoo!!  ion Smooth Solutions Keratin Smoothing Shampoo, to be exact, which was a great deal b/c it costs $6.99 regular price, so I totally made out on that deal!  Well, both deals actually, since the headband was on sale ;)
A product thumbnail of Ion Keratin Smoothing Shampoo
 Anyone ever used ion products before?  It's my first time to try it.  Did any of you get any freebies lately?


  1. I've tried a lot of Ion products, I really like their red label conditioner (can't remember what it's called), and I especially use it after I bleach my hair (white blonde, baby!) to keep it hydrated. The rest of the stuff I didn't particularly care for though.

  2. I bleach my hair too! I haven't done it in a long time though, so I've got an accidental trendy ombre going on lol! Thanks for the heads up, I'll review it after I've tried it (had some leftover samples of sulfate free stuff that I used)