Saturday, March 30, 2013

Garnier vs. Garnier

A few months ago, I picked up the new BB cream from Garnier, it provided a good coverage but I wasnt crazy about the greasiness that my skin was doing, See I suffer from.. Combo skin. I know its not the end of the world, but it sucks. So the BB cream was amazing for my cheeks, but my T zone was a mess! Enter Skin Renew BB cream for Oily skin/Combo Skin.  I ended up buying it from because it was sold out in every store I went too!

What can I say! The coverage is amazing, it's matte, and it still covers nicely on my cheeks as well, but I will use the other BB cream on my cheeks as it seems to work better on the drier areas of my face.

Oily skin BB cream VS. Normal skin BB cream
What bothers me is that why is the newer one is smaller in size but cost the same (actually it cost more!)

I will still use the normal skin version, but  I much prefer the Combo skin/oily skin version much more. I feel like it covers more then the other version. But thats me! Tell me which one you prefer!

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