Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Chanel Birthday Present, Spring OOTD, and Mint Tights Sale at Target

Happy Spring everyone!  I hope you all are excited as I am that the weather is now getting warmer.  But first, I must make a very belated birthday post (again, my lovely readers, the reason is in one of my posts below.)

So behold, my 31st birthday present:  (sorry for the poor quality, these were taken from my friend's cell phone)

A Chanel quilted tote!  Can you believe it?!?!  I couldn't.  Hubby got it used, but who cares, Chanel is Chanel!  I absolutely love it, I carry it everyday.  Also, here were glittery the lashes I was rocking that day:

You can see more info on them here:  I had to trim them, but they looked great!  Now for the spring outfit:

  • Shirt: Prabal Gurung for Target (gift from Erika)
  • Sparkly Circle Scarf: Capelli New York clearance from school store ($3.99 down from $16.98!)
  • Sterling Silver Turquoise Ring: Xmas gift from Mom (QVC outlet-will blog about that later)
  • Watch: Tiffany & Co.
  • Bow Belt: Igni
  • Gray Shorts (even though they look black) Misch Masch
  • Mint Tights: Exhilaration for Target (got them on sale! look below)
  • Gray Boots (though they look black again) Seychelles (were also on sale last year at DSW, half price :D)
Here's a pic of the beautiful shirt Erika gave me (thank you so much!)  Still available at Target as far as I know.

And as we know mint is still the "it" color of the season, finally, the sale on the Mint tights: 

From $5 to $2.50!  There were plenty left at my Target, so if you want them, go quick before it's too late!  As always, thank you for reading :)


  1. OMG!!! LOVE the Chanel tote!! What an amazing birthday present!! <3
    xx Amanda,

  2. Thanks Amanda! Following you xoxo

  3. Happy Birhtday! I love your tote and I was just recently looking at some on that consignment site called Youve's I think, anyway, they have some really nice one there.

  4. Happy 31st! We're the same age ^_^ I wish my state had a Target, I see so many people getting great deals there >_> those mint tights are too cute