Saturday, February 23, 2013

Target Haul (I really need a 12 step program for this)

 You know when you go into target to get one thing, and of course that never ever happens. Well that's pretty much the same scenrio when I go.  I ended up leaving with this:
          It's called the Zig Zag phone case from the brand Merona but I'll go with calling it a Chevron print.. I like that better;)
         I'm going to try and shove my phone + case into it because I do love my Iphone butterfly case thats on it right now. (ah white girl problems!)  Of course about ten minutes later after organizing wallet section it will look like a disaster with receipts and cards shoved in half assed.

and this:
(actually Renee got it for me :D)
Mint candy apple that was party of the Essie 2009 winter collection but was brought back with a few other polishes. Probably because every other nail polish maker released a mint nail polish.
Now I know what you are saying or thinking, do you like mint by any chance, and the answer is YES. There is something about mint that is so pretty, it's classic but feminine at the same time. 

I also got this from the dollar spot, can we still call it the dollar spot? It's not really a dollar spot anymore, oh well I digress.. It was this little cute make up set that was $3.

And this:
Picture borrowed from Ebay seller vjdancin55

I will do a blog post for it, but from what I see it has decent color pay off and the gloss smells like Vanilla sugar. But ladies run out and get this asap because the company is being sued from what I read. Okay don't rush, but for $3 it's not to shabby!

And of course I can't forget these guys that I bought with Renee:

Crystal Rainbow Dash (my favorite Pony!) and Metallic Apple Jack.
They come from the Blind bags that Hasbro releases every season, Renee will post hers tomorrow:D
Renee and I are going to start swapping charms and this is my starter charms because I love movies ( but who doesn't?) and of course it being on clearance it aint too bad. I love clearance time at Target. The selection was pretty blah but hey, what do you want for a $1.48.

Last but least and a future blog this bad boy:

Mmmmm Wild cherry pepsi lipbalm.

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