Friday, January 25, 2013

mint! mint! Everywhere I go!

Is it me or is Mint green pretty much the most amazing color right now? I've always liked mint ( the color, the smell.. the ice cream flavor..mmmm) But for a few months now, I've literally been obsessed with it. Here are a few mint items that I've been drooling over:

Cute purse that I saw at forever 21, that is now sold out online! Ugh, should have gotten when I had the chance:(

I saw this on Mod Cloth the other day and if it was in a plus size I would have gotten and paired with a cute cardigan. A las no plus size!

I am not a big fan of heels, but these chunky heels from Seychelles look pretty comfty!

One of those htf polishes from Chanel, I have a great dupe from Milani called Dress Maker that I will post!

Gorgeous quilted bag that I have seen on a few blogs! Gorgeous!
and last but not least:
Sigh.. What a beauty! 195$... not to bad, but sigh to much right now. Maybe when I get my taxes done. Maybe.


  1. Erika, I absolutely LOVE mint too!! It's cute with everything so beware: it's hard to stop once you start (:

    1. Oh sorry for the uber late reply! I know what you mean Cake-pie, ive been on a mint frenzy and I keep saying to myself that its enough but yet, I'm still looking at everything mint.

    2. Haha, no problem Erika, I'm late to reply ALL THE TIME. I'm still obsessed with mint, and how could we not be? I hope to find a mint purse in my future, as my current bag will no longer close anymore >:

      Your picks are a helpful inspiration ^_^

    3. If you can get to a target, they have a few more mint designs! Different from the one I got (actually I was close to getting another one a few weeks ago ...12 step program here i come!)
      And thanks!


  2. I've been LOVING mint for ages myself! Over the summer I got a crocheted mint shrug and a few other things I never got around to posting. (Something I'll have to do soon!) I also NEED those Seychelles!

    1. Unlike some people (ahem, cough, ahem) who only like mint because now its a trend, I love that its a classic color, that you can wear year round. and sigh those seychelles are calling ma name! and telling me things like buy me erikkkka... buy me!