Monday, November 5, 2012

RMK Deep Iridescent Eyes Iridescent Deep Green 05

This is a beautiful eyeshadow I got for my birthday, from their autumn/winter collection.  Don't know RMK?  Well here's a little info on the company:

"RMK is the number one selling cosmetics brand in Japan and was launched in 1997 by the former makeup artist for Vogue and Harper's Bazaar, Rumiko.  Created to reflect the inner beauty of all women, RMK is filled with breakthrough formulations, easy to use textures and genuine beauty innovations."

That being said, I've never tried the brand, and always wanted to.  Everything about them is stylish and pretty, just look how cute that box is!

Here's what the company says:

"Deep Iridescent Eyes are duo shaded eye shadows for a mesmerizing effect.  Part of the Autumn/Winter collection for 2012, Deep Iridescent Eyes is formulated with polarized Pearlescent Particles, to add mesmerizing depth of spectrum and twist on the back hue as you've never seen before.

Featuring a luxurious texture which glides effortlessly onto eyes, Deep Iridescent Eyes features dark and light tones which can be layered for an enchanting finish; the darker shade delivers a lucent black tone whilst the light tone magnifies the characteristic of black for a deep, impactful finish.  
Available in 6 color combinations."

Wow, that sounds pretty awesome, doesn't it?  It is as awesome as it sounds.  It is such a beautiful, shimmering compact, and I am not disappointed.  Here are some pictures!

The shadows were like butter, and the pigmentation/shimmer was amazing.  I would definitely recommend this product!  These are limited for 2012, and the product can be purchased here.

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