Thursday, November 1, 2012

NYX Glitter on the Go Disco Ball

Erika got me this as a gift a while back, and I never got a chance to review it (story of my life, I have so many things waiting that I just haven't had the chance, and even a few more birthday presents!  Yeesh have I been busy.)  I used it in my Audrey Hepburn makeup in my last post, but I used very little so it's hard to tell.

This stuff is glitter heaven in a tub.  It truly is like a disco ball, it sparkles all color slike a million little mirrors.  It's more than just silver, it really is prismatic.  I've gotten so many compliments on this, you wouldn't believe it!  The only thing is, since it is a loose glitter there will be a lot of fallout.  I tend to use it over a sticky base (cream shadow, gloss/etc. or as a liner) so watch that.

OOO yeah and also, the package design isn't the best, once you open the top the product is kept inside with a plastic lid that fits inside the tub, which I find a little hard to remove.  If you don't pull it out carefully, you'll end up with a glitter bomb mess, so watch for that!  Otherwise, I have nothing but praise for this product, plus it's inexpensive.

What I liked:
  • It's super pretty
  • You get a LOT of product
  • It's inexpensive- for example  $7.50 on Amazon
  • Very versatile, can be used for makeup or on nails
  • 24 colors available
What I didn't like:
  • You do have to be careful opening it
That's it, I guess to me the product is a win!  Do you own any of these?  Share your thoughts on this product!


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