Friday, October 19, 2012

Polyvore outfit-Sparrow Dress series #1

Hi everyone!  Sorry about the messiness of this post, I didn't even realize it was
up at first!  This is the lovely sparrow dress (I still say they're sparrows haha) that
I got in Portobello Market in London back in May.  I will be making a few 
different looks with this dress, all with similar or exact pieces.  

Exact items I own:  The dress, shoes, bag (from Erika!) and Maybelline lip stain.  
I have a similar belt jewelry.  I must say, I got this dress for only $20-half the price of 
the one in New Look!

Untitled #2

Bird print dress
$40 -

Fantasy Jewelry Box heart jewelry

Bracelets bangle
$13 -

Metal belt
$6.45 -


  1. I love it! You have a great blog <3

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  2. Thanks Linde! Following you :)