Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 8- Favorite Daytime look!

What’s your favorite daytime look?

I call this my "I'm too tired to do my make up and I have to leave the house look"

Instead of making one focal point on my face, I like to do both half way. Basically this:

A black lined eye, liquid liner on top and smudge of black kohl eyeliner on the bottom. I curl my lashes and do two coats of black mascara and done!

For the face, I do a foundation in places where I need it (ugh right now I need it everywhere, I am super hormonal and my face is showing it :SOB: and then a light patting of powder to set. For blush I go for a pop of pink, very light! I like to look like I have a pinched cheek look..without the pinching!

And for lips, I do a stain usually. My go to lip stains are my beloved Revlon Bitten in  "Twilight" or my Korres lip butter in "Wild Rose"

I know this seems pretty basic but its simple but still packs a nice pop of color.


  1. Oooo I like it wifey, very pretty!!

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