Monday, October 8, 2012

Day 7- Favorite eye shadow color?

7. Favorite eye shadow color?

Oh this is evil! That is like asking a mother, who is her favorite child.. okay not that dramatic.. but really?

How about eyeshadow palette? My boss a while ago had a layover in Paris for the day and she bought me back  duty free only Dior Nude Glow palette.
The eye shadows don't have names but instead have numbers. I find myself using the white shimmery color (058) and the navy blue (836) one a lot, it makes a gorgeous smokey eye. I also find myself adding the blue to whatever eye color I am using to give it a little depth.

I do have to add that this palette has ruined me with other eyeshadows! I am very tempted to buy another palette but the price tag keeps me at bay, I do love you Dior but 60$ for an eyeshadow palette… not so much!

Ill see you guys for day 8!


  1. That white shade is beautiful!!!

    1. Thanks Niesha! It isnt a frosty as it looks, its a very subtle shimmer that looks very pretty when put in the the inner corner of your eye.