Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day 5!

5. Favorite lipstick, lip gloss and lip liner?

Okay bash away but I'm not a lip stick fan, I am however a lip stain fan! And my favorite lip stain is Revlon bitten Lip stain in Twilight, it's a gorgeous berry red that looks good at anytime and on anyone. I'm about to replace my third one! I have never bought something three times in such a short time!

Lipgloss was hard.. I used to be a hard core lipgloss fan, but as I have become an old bitty, I get sick of my hair flying onto my lips and dragging lipgloss behind on my cheeks, es no bueno.

But I have to say (and correct me if I'm wrong) I know its a balm, but I use it as gloss, its Korres Wild Rose  lip butter. I love this stuff. The end. I have two tubs of it, one in my purse and one at home. Its amaze balls, what else can I say.

 But if you don't think its a gloss, Ill say my second favorite is my Chanel Glossmier in Eqinox. I actually lost the first tube of it, gave up looking, and bought another on Ebay. It's a gorgeous multi shimmer that I do not regret buying even if it was way to expansive.
From Temptalia.com

And now lip liner, I really don't like using lip liner.. It's not my thing, I think I only own one! But its an awesome one from NYX that is perfect for a nude lip.

Color is Natural

But that's it for now, see you for day 6!!!


  1. NYX Lip Pencil in Natural is my go-to lip liner! I love it too <3 great list hun!


    1. Thanks Roxie! Hey If you are going to have one lonesome lip liner, may as well be a good one!
      Following you on twitter!


  2. I'm the same way as you with both lipliners and lip gloss! We be old bitties huh? I do love my Chanel glossimers though, def an exception!

    1. I feel like one..Waaah! I wake up in the morning making more sounds then a garbage truck! and yez they be:D