Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Day 10- (I didn't forget about day 9!)

So yeah, day 9 is a picture of my collection of make up.. or in my case a pile of make up. Because that is what is! I have to do some serious cleaning and de-make-uping (that is totally a word.) But till then, I can do day 10!... (cheating yes, but forgive me:D)

10. Favorite makeup brush?

That would have to be my Elf powder brush.  But.. yes there is a but.. I use it for foundation! I don't think its supposed to be a foundation brush per say. But it is amazing at it!
It buffs the foundation into my skin perfectly! I also use it for cream blush as well. Once in a while I will use it for powder but its shockingly not as good. ELF if you are reading this, market this as a foundation buffing brush, seriously!

Ill give a shot out to my Mac 217, everybody knows this brush so I don't think I need a picture of it, but it's pretty awesome. Worth every penny! So good I had to get Renee one because it was must in her makeup arsenal!

But that's it for now- I'll have a birchbox post up later in the day!

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