Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Beauty Treats glitter eyeliner in Purple

I picked this up several months ago in a random store, and only opened it recently!  For an inexpensive eyeliner ($3.99) it really is pretty good.  The color names are very basic (this one is simply called "Purple") but the bottle is a pretty cool curved design.  The brush is long and flexible for easy application.

It's a very pretty, deep royal purple color.  My camera makes it look a little more bluish, but it is much deeper, warmer, and prettier.  It looks good on it's own, but it really pops when you layer it over black eyeliner, check it out!

See, just look how it lights up over the black!  Dreamy isn't it?  Sorry about the glare though.  Unfortunately all the store had was purple so I couldn't try any of the other colors.  It was a small random discount store, and I don't know where else to find these.  I can't find much information online either.  If you happen across them, give them a shot, they are pretty good!


  1. OMG! My cousin have been looking for this purple glitter eyeliner. Thanks! Imma tell her to visit you site! :0 great!!!