Thursday, October 4, 2012

Barbie Notebook and Stickyle!

Thank you Erika for covering for me while I'm super busy these days!  It won't last too much longer, just a couple more weeks.  In the mean time, I have some Barbie goodies to share!

Both of these were birthday presents :)  What the heck is a Stickyle you say?  Well take a look at this picture.  I couldn't get a good one, so I borrowed this from Mika's Happy Diary:

image from here

Still can't guess?  It's a portable pen shaped pair of scissors that when uncapped turn into a usable pair!  I had never even heard of these, isn't it so cool?  Love it!

And here they are uncapped, with the adorable notebook that pictures Barbie in a gorgeous black dress.  Perfect for the huge Barbie fan that I am!  Sorry to make this so short and sweet, but I'll be back with more, an OOTD, and a giveaway too!  Thanks for reading ^_^