Saturday, September 8, 2012

Visee real extension mascara

Hey guys!
I'm back from my week of crazy, my boss went to London for the week and I had the girls to myself which basically means that going on the computer for more than 5 minutes was not happening. This week should have been called "lets get into a fight over every toy we own week" but now that its the weekend I can actually relax!
 One of the things that I bought for myself was a mascara  called Real extension mascara from Visee, it's an amazing brand in Japan. I have eyeshadow from them that puts luxury brands to shame. I do have to admit that I kinda, sorta bought this mascara because of the packaging (OK, I did. But I'm a girl and it's a bow!)
How awesome is that? 
But the packaging is nothing compared to what it does to your lashes! This mascara is actually better than fiber wig, which is another mascara from Japan. 

Getting a close up pic of my eyes was a pain in the ass, but this was the best I could do. I did not curl them and I did not use a primer. This is  the mascara all on its own. I wish this mascara was available in the US but from what I see is it only available in Japan. I have to say the only other mascara to get these results is Dior Show. (oh Dior Show, why you so amazing and so expensive!)
But I must go for now, I need to make a post at APL!

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  1. Sweet!! When I finish one of my mascaras I will definitely be purchasing this one :D