Thursday, September 13, 2012

NARS 413 BLKR eyeshadow

My friend Ellie gave me this one for my birthday.  My heart nearly stopped for a second when I saw the bag!  Even before I opened it she couldn't wait to start telling me about it.  As soon as I saw the box, I was like !!!!  It was wrapped so beautifully, I opened it super carefully so to not mess it up!

I've been hearing about this shadow duo, and I've actually never owned any of NARS' shadows, so I was very excited to get these!  The New Yorker in me needed one, and she just knew.  I never even said anything!  Love the package design ^^
Enough of the eye candy, now for the swatches, click to enlarge:

Look how beautiful those colors are!  The left is a shimmery light amethyst, and the right is a black with purple sparkles, very similar to MAC Young Punk.  Beautiful jewel toned shadows, how perfect for fall!  My picture does them no justice.  This will be perfect for creating a glistening purple smoky eye.  

I've heard a lot of bad things about NARS eyeshadows, but this duo was amazing.  They were super pigmented, smooth, and blendable.  I find no fault with them :))  Love!

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  1. Oh super jeluz! Is that Lhasa in that palette? I was drooling over it a few days ago on someones blog! its such a perfect purpley gray:) Lucky duck you!