Monday, September 10, 2012

Jill Stuart Blush Blossom Romantic Sweet Pea 01

My first makeup from Jill Stuart!  I have some of her clothes, and I had been admiring her makeup line for ages now, but never bought anything yet.  Imagine my surprise when I was gifted with this lovely blush duo!

My friends Ayako and Ellie gave it to me suddenly at a BBQ we had for Erika last month.  We were just hanging out when they thrusted this pretty pink bag at me.  When I saw the name I was like !!!  Thank you, but what for?  They said it was for taking them around NY back in July.  I wasn't expecting anything, as I just wanted them to enjoy their visit, but wow was I happy :)))

First, as usual, the packaging is GORGEOUS.  Jill Stuart always pays attention to detail, everything down to the box is lovely.  The bag, tissue and box are Jill's signature pink, and the blush packaging is silver and made to look like it is rhinestone encrusted.  The duo even comes with a re-useable travel blush brush, with ribbon detail and a pink rhinestone button.  It even has a removable bow charm on top!

From Jill: "Using the crystal powder technology these new blushes have an air-like soft texture, floral notes and almond oil among their ingredients.  Highly pigmented and finely milled loose cheek color goes on velvety soft for a gorgeous, radiant glow.  Cheek color gets a shot of luminous shimmer with the highlighter for an etherial look.  Blush and highlighter come in different tubs and product mixing is prevented with a net sifter.  Plastic cover makes it safe to carry around loose powder without fear of mess.  Also comes with a densely packed blush brush.  Jill Stuart Blush Blossom Dual Cheek Color Pack"  
 The blush itself is super milled perfection.  So blendable and smooth I could cry.  The blush glow (blush) is a lovely medium pink, and the shimmer tint (highlighter) is light pink with a super subtle shimmer.  I'm head over heels in love with this blush.  The shimmer tint is intended to be used over the blush glow.

I couldn't thank my friends enough, they were so kind!  They bought Erika a little something as well.  Jill's products can be found on eBay!  Good luck on your hunt, it's totally worth it!


  1. WOW, What a great gift from your friends! I've always wanted to try Jill Stuart but the price tag has been what holds me back. Thanks for showing us your gift!

    1. Thanks so much! It was so unexpected, and I was so surprised! Def give Jill a try, it is a little pricey but sooo worth it!