Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Designer Collection R Series Ultra-Rich Hand & Body Lotion and Slim&Beauty Russian Body Scrub

Hi everyone, long time no post!  Sorry I haven't been around much lately, the past few weeks have been crazy-they've been needing me more at work, I've started my online class, I'm teaching private English lessons on Fridays, our friend moved in, and more!  ::whew::  That's only the beginning!  I promise I'll try to blog more <3

Anyway, back to the good stuff :)  I got these lovely skincare products for my birthday from my friend Olga.  The pink one is Designer Collection R Series Ultra-Rich Hand & Body Lotion from Japan, and the other one is Slim&Beauty body scrub from Russia (the only thing I could read on the package.)  All the package says on the Japanese lotion is "Apply this lotion into your skin like you are massaging it," though I did find some information & can be purchased here.  The following sounds good to me:

"A rich indulgence for the hands and body, this luxurious moisturiser combines a unique blend of natural emollients and Vitamin E that’s quickly absorbed into the skin for deep, lasting hydration. Its lightweight, non-greasy formula leaves skin incredibly soft and supple all day, and exquisitely fragrant with the sweet, seductive scent of everlasting romance."

My friend told me to massage the body scrub on with warm water, and has a kind of leafy/citrusy scent.    I've actually been meaning to buy a body scrub, so I was really happy to get this, and I LOVE trying products from other countries.  I just wish I could give you all some more info!  Anyone know what this says?

Thanks for reading!

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  1. those products are amazing! wish i can get my hands on them :)