Monday, September 17, 2012

Canmake gradation wink eyeshadow and....

A super happy birthday to the best wifey, Renee, in the world! I pass my black veil to you~ We both aren't to keen about bumping up a year if you couldn't tell! But speaking of birthdays, this is one of the gifts that Renee gave me for my birthday that passed a few months ago.


Can I add how awesome this eyeshadow is? It's from Canmake, one of my favorite brands when I visit Japan, it'sshade number 02 Chocolate Millefeuille.
 (link borrowed from

A while ago Loreal tried this and kinda failed. But this one is fool proof, one swipe of a brush (wide) or of your finger and you get a nice gradation of colors on your fingers. And you swipe it on, its so easy! But of course I add you must use a primer because this is sheer, not too sheer but primer makes a huge difference with this shadow. I meant to take pictures of it before I used it but I of course, like a child, up wrapped it and put it on. But I had too, it was too pretty not too! I meant to look and see if they had any in Japan when i was there in August but of course my noodle brain forgot, so hopefully this will last me until my next trip! But for now I must hit the hay!


  1. Yay! Thank you wifey XOXOXOXOXO
    I'm so glad that you like the shadow too! I was actually interested in getting one of the Revlon ones, but I didn't know they flopped. I wonder why? I'll just get myself one of the canmake ones then ;)

  2. well it failed because you have to have eyelids the size of orca the killer whale for it to look natural. when I put it on, well it looked like I was a character from a soap opera. and you're welcome!!

  3. Ok, this made me literally laugh out loud! Do they still make them?