Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Vintage Jewelry and Late Summer OOTD

Let me start this post by saying I love vintage jewelry.  Luckily for me, my grandmother had a LOT (really, boxes and boxes full) so I was given some wonderful pieces by her.  I tend to wear them very often, around 3-4 out of 7 days.  Because of this I'm often wearing unique pieces, and I do sometimes get compliments from my friends, students, and even strangers :)  Here are closeups of the jewelry:

  1. Vintage super long necklace with faux pearls-grandma
  2. Vintage heart chain bracelet-grandma
  3. 14kt gold earrings, were grandma's but don't think they're super old
  4. Tiffany & Co. Watch-never really blogged about it.  30th Birthday present last year :)

And here is the outfit I put together last night.  My friend is moving back home, and he and another friend visited us for the past few days.  Last night we went out to a big dinner with friends, and I gave my outfit an appropriate late summer vibe.  Forgive the awkward pose, Yoshi took this picture while I was moving..and yet this one still came out the best ^^;;

The rundown:
  • Tory Burch aqua coral top: eBay
  • White skinny belt: Strawberry stores (NYC)
  • Pearl headband: eBay
  • White shorts: Tommy Hilfiger - Lord & Taylor outlet years ago
  • White wedges: Cherokee
  • Patchwork bag: Coach outlet
  • Jewelry: vintage
  • Watch: Tiffany & Co. 
As always, thanks for reading :)  Do you have any summery OOTDs?  If so, show me!


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    1. Thanks a lot, that's very kind of you. I looked at your site, such pretty jewelry :)

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    1. Thank you for following! Following you back <3

  3. Your grandmother had really good taste, you're lucky! I received lovely jewelry from my family too and now i'm looking for vintage necklace pendants to complete my collection. Thanks!