Thursday, August 9, 2012

Lise Watier Eye Glitter Liner in Sunshine

I received this beauty as a gift from the same good friend in Canada.  She knows about my love for anything sparkly, and she recommends this Canadian based brand (she also got me a nail polish, base and topcoat from them.)

What the company says:  "Nothing adds glamour and sparkle to your eyes like a fine line of Eye Glitter Liner applied directly above your eyelashes.  Right there.  Oh, and its non-smudging, water-based formula lasts and lasts."


It is really pretty, and the package is adorable.  The metallic handle is long, slim and easy to hold, and the brush has a fine tip which makes application a breeze.  

Sunshine has a gold and pink base with hints of yellow orange, and green.  It really does look like a bottle of sunshine.  Just look at those sparkles!

The color looks nice on it's own, but look how it pops when you layer it over black.  

So what do I think?  I *love* it.  I can find no fault with it, and I would totally buy more!  If you like glitter liners, this product is for you.  There are 3 other colors available as well.  This product can be purchased here.


  1. Love these colors!! Love the sparkle!!

    1. It is seriously pretty. If you can, get yourself at least one!