Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tag: My eight most worn things

I saw this on Jessica Louise's blog and Mollie Muses, and thought this was such a fun idea!  Anyone else who wants to do this please join in on the fun!

1. Your most worn lipstick 
More than lipstick I'm loving lip stains, and my fave line by far is Maybelline's 10hr Stain Gloss.  I absolutely love how Cool Coral gives me an unexpected pop of color. 

2. Your most worn earrings?
The gold heart hoops that Yoshi gave me Xmas 2010.

3. Your most worn top?
The Old Navy green flutter sleeve tank mom gave me.  Looks great with a black double buckle belt, a black skirt and sandals.

4. Your most worn nail polish?
This one was hard since I don't wear the same polish often (biiig collection ^^;;), so I went with the one with the biggest dent.  Maybelline Express Finish Glitters in Mandarin Mars.
5. Your most worn shoes?
Because of the cuteness and comfort, my go to shoe for work are these brown Crocs (which I now have to replace.. thanks kitty for chewing them to death.)
6. My most worn hair product?  
Since I have long hair that I have been color treating for years, it does need a little help.  I've been using TreSemme's Split Remedy Sealing Serum a lot recently.  
7.  Your most worn perfume/fragrance?
Gucci Rush, hands down!  It's my signature scent.
8. My most worn handbag?
I try to rotate my bags a lot..but I guess my most used would have to be the Gucci medium hobo bag in pink that Yoshi got me as an anniversary gift in 2009.

That was a lot of fun, thank you for reading!  I can't wait to see yours, so if you do one please let me know :)


  1. Those earrings are super cute, and that polish from Maybeline looks so pretty (I am very obsessed with any glitter polishes!).

    1. Thank you! I'm also crazy about glitter polishes.. at least half my stash is glitter polish!

  2. Great picks! I really need to try those Maybelline 10h stains :) xx

    1. Thanks! Definitely pick up one of those Maybelline stains when you get the chance, they smell great, last long, apply well-you won't regret it!