Monday, August 6, 2012

Belated Christmas presents from my friend from Canada!

Ok, warning you now, this post is going to be a super long one! While visiting home in NY last month, our friend Julie from Montreal came down to visit me with a bag of Christmas presents she never got a chance to give me. We share a love for so many things (including Juicy Couture, tea, cupcakes, makeup and more) so it is really easy to shop for each other!  I really should post the pink Juicy Couture bag she gave me last time.. ahh so much to post, so little time..
Inside the bag were pink fuzzy Juicy Couture slippers, a Unicake Bag, rhinestone studded cupcake earrings, a Stila Flora Palette, David's Tea in Carrot Cake, and sharing our mutual love for cute things as well, two blind bag ponies, one Filly Princess and one My Little Pony.

Belated Christmas presents from my friend from Canada! by KitaRei

Here's a closeup of the slippers.  They're so fluffy, and the ribbon they usually use for wrapping with pompoms and the Juicy charm is so adorable!

David's Carrot Cake Tea and Stila Flora Palette.  The label reads: "A slice of heaven.  Feel like dessert without the calories?  Then you've found your new best friend.  This delicious fruity blend has Oolong tea from Taiwan, apple pieces from Turkey, carrots from Sri Lanka, coconut from The Philippines, and you'd swear the frosting was straight from Grandma's kitchen.  Spices, frosting, carrots and no calories?  Dessert lovers everywhere can rejoice - it's good to the last crumb."  Wow does that ever sound good.

A pic of the inside of the Flora Palette.  I will take better pics (without the plastic) and swatches when I do a review soon, I promise.

Look at those rhinestone studded cupcake earrings, and this has to be the cutest eco bag I've ever seen.  It's called a Unicake Bag, and I love how it comes wrapped in a paper cup with a "cherry" and dessert tag to look like the real thing!  

Views of bag from above and side:

I love how the cup has the random kanji symbol for paper on it as the recycling mark while the rest of it is French.

This is what the Unicake chocolate cupcake bag looks like when opened.  It's so adorable, and even comes with a little holder for the bag!  I can't bear to part with the cupcake cup and cherry toothpick though, so I'm going to see if I can somehow twist it to fit back into the cup when not in use.

Last but not least, the ponies!  Aren't they adorable?  I love them, especially the My Little Pony (the green one on the right)

Whew, I told you this was gonna be a long one!  I applaud you for reading this one all the way through, you're a trooper!  My friend definitely spoiled me :)) Now, share with us, what presents did you get recently?  We want to see!


  1. Your friend is so sweet! The Juicy Couture slippers are so plush and fab! If they were mine, I would think twice of using them. Haha. =)


    1. Thank you! They are cute aren't they? I am kind of afraid to get them dirty, but they are soooo comfy ^^ Following you back!