Friday, July 6, 2012

OOTD June 27th and old Coco Shugun Miami shoes

I went out to a quesadilla party, and I wanted to wear something fun!  I just love this little sparrow dress, (yes those are sparrows, not polka dots!) it's the exact same cut as the red dress I posted a week or two ago. It's so silky, comfortable and casual. I tend to wear it a lot ^^  Great for summer.  They were both 10GBP (a steal!) as well as the belt I found in another stall.
OOTD by KitaRei
OOTD, a photo by KitaRei on Flickr.

The heels I bought years ago, 2005 (6?) ish in a cheap little shoe store that no longer exists in Queens, NY. I needed red shoes fast at that time because I was going to a company Xmas party and I needed shoes to match my dress.

They are unusual in that they have a tie closure instead of a buckle or snap, and I like unique items, so I don't want to part with them. Unfortunately, since I hadn't worn them in forever (probably since that last party!) they got stiff, and dig into the sides of my big toes.  The seams are also starting to peel behind the heels.. I need to glue them.  I wonder if I can re-break them in.

Sparrow Dress: Eye Candy (from Portobello Market, London in May)
Belt: no brand, also from Portobello Market
Heels: Coco Shugun Miami
Gold Renee Necklace: gift
Watch: Tiffany & Co.


  1. Awesome OOTD! So beautiful! .. I am new to you blog and so far am loving it! Would love if you came by and checked out my blog sometime [if you can]!

    Ashley xo
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  2. Very pretty! Great Blog :)


  3. Following you both, thank you for your compliments!