Thursday, July 5, 2012

100 follower giveaway at Blog of a Cosmetics Junkie!

Hello everyone :)   Just a small note first, as I'm currently working, hosting a guest at my home *and* preparing a trip back home Monday, I will be posting much less frequently soon.  I will have to rely on my buddy and co-writer Erika to try to help me out with posting.  Don't worry blog winners, we will contact you and I will be shipping from the US (no time until Monday!) so you lovelies will get your goodies very soon :))

OK now the good stuff, Holly from Blog of a Cosmetics Junkie is having a 100 follower giveaway!   Congrats on 100 followers girl :)  She will be giving away a choice of one Mac lipstick AND a Lustre Lipglass or Tinted Lipglass, all in the color of your choice.  Here are the pics!

 Lipstick Lipstick Lipstick Lipstick

 Lipstick Lipstick

Just an example of the choices you have!  Go on over to her page (linked above) for rules.  Ends July 13th!  Good luck lovelies :)

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