Saturday, June 16, 2012

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable lip balm/Stain. (edit 12 hours later..give or take)

I am a huge fan of the Just Bitten lip stains from Revlon, my favorite being Twilight ( which in my opinion was named from the movie, my lips look like Edward Cullen's. I wish I were kidding) So when I finally saw these in Target, I had to try it. They did not have the color I was hoping for so, I got the next one, a berry red color called Adore.

It promises 12 hours of kissable lip color, but I think that is a bit reaching! I do like the minty smell it gives, just like the Tarte lip surge that I own.  It is also retractable just like the Clinique Chubby stick and the Tarte version, which I have to say is a huge help as buying a sharpener for this one would have a pain in the ass. Just saying.
I paid 5.89, but that was on sale. I have seen it go from 5.59-8.00 market price.
Ill be back to update this post with a picture after 12 hours, lets see if it kept its promise!
 Not too shabby!!! I would def. buy again, if they had my color in stock.


  1. very pretty! new follower through BLT blog-hop! :)

    1. Thanks SG! Im following you back!

  2. Ok i'm convinced. I must buy this!