Monday, June 25, 2012

Maybelline Mineral Power Powder Foundation

It's that time again-time when your liquid foundations just don't cut it-when it's so hot your makeup literally melts off your face.  Japan is exceptionally humid, and Erika and I often wonder the same thing-how do Japanese girls do it?  Their makeup is always *flawless* like, freshly applied flawless, even on the sweatiest of days.  Ahh to know their secrets.

Anyways-what I was getting at here is it's time to switch from liquid to powder foundation!  Now, I don't usually do a full face with foundation, only when I get super freckled by the end of the summer, or if I break out.. I generally stick to under my eyes (damn dark circles!) and on my chin (I have a red patch that even after two laser sessions is stubbornly although lightly still there..gah)  So here it is!  I would have used my own photo, but mine is getting pretty beat up.

Photo from Maybelline

My favorite is L'oreal's mineral powder (the name escapes me right now) but I ran out, and they don't carry L'oreal here, so I went with Maybelline's.  Maybelline's is actually pretty good, but their only flaw is if you don't apply it just right you can see that you have powder under your eyes.. you know that crepe-y look from too much powder?  But that's just the thing-even though you don't put too much it seems to look like that!  You have to do it *just* right, and DON'T layer anything else over it.  However, once you get the hang of it its not so bad.

Here's a shot of me wearing it under my eye, you can see a yellowish tinge in the righthand corner (where it wouldn't blend):

A little blurb from the company:

Why you'll love it:
* 100% micro-minerals not only provide flawless coverage, but also make your skin clearer, smoother and more radient-even when you're not wearing any.
* Results clinically proven after 8 weeks**
* 52% improvement in skin smoothness, 49% improvement in skin luminosity, 43% reduction in redness
**based on a clinical study

Every powder comes with a little brush.  While I like this idea, after a while, isn't that a waste of brushes?  If you wash it out every once in a while (which is what you should do anyway) the brush is just fine.  I feel that they should offer one with and without brush, and of course charge a little less for the one without!  That's just me though.  I also wish they did a line like L'oreal did, a 4 step system, mineral powder concealer, foundation, face brightener, and blush. (at least it doesn't exist here in Japan)    I have the other steps in the L'oreal line, just ran out of the foundation.
Also, I didn't notice any improvement in radiance, clearness, smoothness, or redness reduction.  Maybe I'm in that minor percentage?  Anyone have any input on this?

What I liked:
*I like mineral foundations, and this one has no oils, talc, fragrances or preservatives.
*Safe for sensitive skin.
*If done properly, it looks pretty good.
*Doesn't melt off your face!

What I didn't like:
*Looks super cakey if not applied just so
*A little challenging at first to blend
*I didn't notice any of the results promised

I would buy again, but the L'oreal has my first choice.  I have an Urban Decay one that I bought a while back that I haven't opened yet, when this runs out that will be the next to review!
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