Thursday, June 7, 2012

L'Oreal HIP Kohl Eyeliner #803 Brown Kohl

I picked this up for $4.50 in Saipan back in February. Is that the normal price for this product?  I'm only asking because some of the cosmetics there were a little more expensive (because they have to be shipped overseas since Saipan is so far from the mainland US) but others were cheap. I never tried these before, so I thought I'd give it a shot. Please don't mind my pilled pillowcase.. it was the only good background that I could use at the time- or the glare on the bottle..grr sometimes I just can't win!

L'oreal HIP Kohl Eyeliner #803 Brown Kohl by KitaRei

The color is, as HIP usually is, very pigmented. It's a very pretty chocolate brown powder with gold micro glitter. The color is dark enough to stand out but not harsh like black. The glitter is not that easy to see, it just gives a hint of shine, so for those of you who don't really care for glitter might like this one.

The package design is fun, the handle has a big hole in it.. it's just for show though, it doesn't make holding it any harder or easier. The applicator is a long, tapered tip, stiff enough to make drawing a fine line pretty easy.

What I liked:

The tip makes applying it a breeze.
The gold micro glitter gives it that extra special something!
Good pigmentation.
Fun packaging!

What I didn't like:

I would have liked a touch more sparkle -there's nothing wrong with the product, that's just me!
Since it's a powder, until you get used to it application can be a little messy.

I would buy this again.


  1. Wifey that is so pretty! I do wish application was easier,every time I try and use the revlon one we both own, ugh, i get half of it under my eyes. I guess practice makes perfect!

    1. Yeah, and with that Revlon one, once it gets on your face, it DOESN'T come off without ruining your makeup.. I learned that one the hard way! So yeah, definitely practice makes perfect with this type of liner!