Monday, June 11, 2012

Hello Kitty Glittercute Eyeliner Crayon in Sandbox

The light pink print is difficult to see, so I also had to use a stock photo. 

My kitty Ume insisted on being in this one, and I figured, it's actually really appropriate considering it's a Hello Kitty product, so why not?
Hello Kitty Glittercute Eyeliner Crayon in Sandbox by KitaRei

This is the eyeliner that I got in the Sephora sale wayyy back in January.  I'm really addicted to chubby stick eyeliners lately!  This is Sandbox, a pretty chocolate brown with gold sparkles.
This is not a product for those of you who dislike glitter, when they say Glittercute, they aren't kidding! It is PACKED with glitter that definitely shows up, which is great news for the glitter lovers!  Sorry about the blurriness, my camera just wouldn't work with me this time no matter how many times I tried. I think it shows off the sparkles better anyway.

A little blurb from the company:  "A chubby stick eyeliner in an array of sparkly colors. Feeling amazingly gorgeous begins with eyes boldly highlighted in glittering liners. Give yourself a sparkly wink with this product that was formulated for intense color payoff. It applies elegantly, gliding on effortlessly along the lash line and lids. The chubby stick applicator can coat large surfaces, making it quite versatile as both a liner and shadow highlighter.. Specially designed esters help the color adhere to your eyes, leaving you looking stunning all day long. Sweet and effective, this Hello Kitty product also contains powerful extracts of strawberry, apple, and grape seed to hydrate and soften skin. Packed with powerful antioxidants, these ingredients also fight free radicals and improve skin's elasticity and youthfulness.Size: 0.06 ozHello Kitty(R) 1976, 2011 Sanrio Co., Ltd Sephora is the exclusive beauty retailer for this product."

Just look at that glitter!

See how they weren't kidding about the glitter?  It shows up really well.  I noticed Ume photo bombed this one to, but I didn't mind.  My little camera hog looks cute in the background :)   

So how do I feel about the product?  The packaging is adorable.  I like the idea of antioxidants in makeup.  I'm not sure how effective they actually are, but it is nice in theory.  This pencil was really good quality-not as smooth as Urban Decay, a little bit chalkier, but it did go on well and had great color payoff.   Since I got it on sale (I believe it was $5?)  I feel what I got was a good bargain, but it is small (and not as good quality as UD) for the $14 retail price tag.  I will definitely buy again if it's on sale, but for full price?  Urban Decay all the way.


  1. nice, i never try eyeliner with glitter :O

    1. If you're open to it, give it a shot, you might like it!