Thursday, June 7, 2012

Do you Birchbox?

I just realized I never really post about my Birch Boxes! So that is what I'm going to do. I always see the blogs and videos showing what people receive in their box and thought, "Hey I should give it a go" So starting with June 2012 box I will do it!

Here are a few of my favorite BB items from past boxes:
I wear this one at least every other day, it gives your lips a slight minty tingle and it the perfect pink for every skin tone! Color is Amused.

Okay, I didnt get the full size of this baby, but I just had to show how gorgeous the tube is for it! This mascara is amazing, not as amazing as the classic Diorshow, but pretty darn close!

Another full size product, a gorgeous brown that doesn't quit! It has a subtle hint of gold sparkle to it, and the color is called "lionfish" Odd but pretty!
 I have so many, but they escape me or I am way to lazy to go into my beauty closet (yes I do have a beauty closet! Jeluz? I kid!) and look up the names. I have to add that they give a lot of amazing skin products such as Juice Beauty.

Okay guys, get ready for the next birchbox, which should hopefully be here in a a few days!

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Thanks guys :)



  1. Oo yeah Erika, you're lucky enough to be able to subscribe to birchbox, def post or vlog what you get!

    1. I have heard that glossy box is coming to Japan, its like birchbox.

    2. speak of the devil,

  2. Always wanted to try these..!

  3. nice! now am convinced to try birchbox! :)