Friday, June 29, 2012

Catrice Cosmetics The London Collection from Lilwen

So here it is!  Aviary finally decided to cooperate with me today, and I could get all you lovelies pictures for the review :)

So this is another goodie from Lilwen in Italy.  Here's some blurbs from the company: "Sydney, Berlin, London, New York – each metropolis stands out for its own personal charm and style. Trends are born on the streets of these fabulous cities! This passion for life has been interpreted four times – and captured in the most breathtaking make-up palettes of the season: the Limited Edition “Big City Life” by CATRICE gives every city its own look. So when the big city calls, we can experience it and capture its style from October to November 2011.
Each “Big City Life” make-up palette contains six powder eye shadows, two rouge shades as well as a professional duo-applicator to ensure simple and accurate application of eye make-up. The stylish must-have box is rounded off with a mini eye pencil to give your city look the perfect finish. The Ultimate Nail Lacquer, which is available separately, offers great coverage, durability and irresistible shine as well as eye-catching color – the pulse of each city. And thanks to the extra-broad brush, smooth application without streaks is even possible during a taxi ride to exciting places!"
Back of box.  I really like how they gave you guides for creating looks!  So let's see what else Catrice Says: "London is calling – and of course we are ready to answer! This city is a true fashion icon – its tradition, its trends, its looks, its pulse...London is such an irresistible hotspot that it captivates you instantly!
For your eye-make up, the London Collection goes for blue eyes in stark contrast to bright yellow and deep-black kajal. Absolutely lovely! Two rouge shades in ros√© ensure a radiant, fresh complexion. Yellow Press? Yellow polish! The soft yellow of the Ultimate Nail Lacquer “London” is an absolute must-have for your nails!"
I do have Sinful Colors Unicorn.. hmm.. That gives me ideas for a look, but I just swatched that color recently, so I won't be trying it for a while (the curse of too many polishes!)  So here are some swatches, taken with no flash or primer.  The shadows were sheer and a little chalky, but with primer they look just fine.  This is great for day to night looks.  The pencil was good, nice and smooth with no tugging or skipping.   Most are shimmery, but Tower Bridge has some glitter.  Click to enlarge. 
Left to right: Hyde Park, City Hall, Big Ben, Globe Theatre

Left to right: Black kajal pencil, Piccadilly Circus, Tower Bridge, London Eye, Greenwich 

Here's a closer look of the inside of the palette, the first with flash, the second without

Overall, I liked this palette a lot.
*Really stylish, fun packaging
*Nice color selection
*Includes blush, shadows, eyeliner and a decent brush, great for jet setting

The only thing I didn't like was the chalkiness, but if you have primer you're fine, so it was no big deal to me.  There's no mirror in this palette either, but as a lot of the palette mirrors are unkind (Erika's Smashbox palette, I'm looking at you!) I didn't mind :)  Thanks Mariachiara!

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