Thursday, May 3, 2012

A wonderful surprise!

As some of you guys know I am a nanny for a family in Staten Island, (it is a borough of NYC) and I watch their 3 year old twin girls. The mom travels thru out the year to London, India, and other places. She always brings me back something small and cute on her trips. But this past trip to India, she had a 10 hour layover in Paris and brought me back this:
The box it came in. Ingredients but no colors listed! Boohiss!
I couldn't believe my eyes when she handed me the bag! I almost screamed! I told her this warrants a hug.
The compact

Lipstick on the top, two glosses(mmmthesmell!) on the bottom

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The quality of this make up is amazing. The shadows are like butter. The blend seamlessly and all pair well together. I have done a few looks already but the dope I am did not take photos! But I od have to say the blue and the sparkly white are gorgeous together as a smokey eye. And the pewter like brown and pink make a gorgeous look for the day.

The lip part of the compact is two lip glosses and a lipstick. They smell amazing! The lip glosses are used to pump your lips a little. There isn't much color payoff but that is okay, I just like a little sheen to my lips. The smell makes up for it!

The blush is color anybody can wear.  It is just a coral like peachy color that gives a nice pop of color to the cheeks, I can see why it was added to the palette, it is a perfect color for day and night!

I still can not believe my boss got this for me, she really is the best boss a girl can ask for!

Tata for now, and hopefully with a look!


  1. wow what a lovely gift!!! I've always thought it'd be great to be a nanny since I adore children- you must have a lovely job :)

    1. Hi!

      Thank you:) I think if you love children then go for it! There are so many e-nanny sites that you can find a great family. That is how I found this family! It has its ins and outs, for example, this blog entry took about 2 hours because I had to stop every 2 mins, but 3 year old's wait for no one! lol

      Thanks again:)


  2. If anyone deserves this it's you wifey :) I'm so happy for you! I'm waiting for a look with it now ^_~

    1. Thanks Wifey:) and Im working on it!

  3. This is gorgeous! How lovely to get a gift like that :) xx