Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Maybelline Super Stay 10hr Stain Gloss Cool Coral

*edit* Ok, I had published this post a while back, but then it disappeared.  I looked and it was saved as a draft!  Re-publishing it now :)

I picked this one up about a month ago while I was back home. I'm on a huge lip stain kick now, and I've been wanting a coral lip color..so when I saw these come out, I had to get it!
Maybelline Super Stay 10hr Stain Gloss by KitaRei

First and foremost, I LOVE the applicator. Not like, LOVE. I cannot stress this enough. Sure I like my regular lip stains, but honestly I'm not a fan of the marker like tips. You have to hold it uncomfortably upside-down, and I can never really draw it in even enough. Also, the product doesn't seem to apply super well for me, you know how coloring book pages look when you color them in with markers? All streaky? Yeah. That's what it looks like for me. But not this! It's a fluffy oval take on the doe foot with a hole in the center, perfect shape for grabbing product and applying it perfectly on the lips. I'm sorry my pic of it is blurry, but my camera just didn't like the fluffy-ness of it. Click on the following two images to enlarge.

The formula is sweet, literally. It smells like fruit punch, has a sliiiiight sweet taste but it's mostly the scent, light and fruity. It goes on creamy-which makes it a dream to apply, then turns into a stained look on the lips. Why else is this product a huge plus? It has gloss built in-so you don't have to apply a gloss over the stain to get shine. Oh yeah, and it's very long wearing. Maybe not the entire 10 hours the product promises, but definitely long.

I'm sorry my swatch came out looking so small, it was big enough on my arm but somehow it came out looking teeny. I'm going to have to do a look using this product soon to show you how pretty it looks on.

Bottom line? I love these! I will definitely buy one again.


  1. Pretty shade - Looking forward to your look!

    1. Thanks! I'm thinking of what will compliment that color best ^^