Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Japanese Revlon Not Just Nudes 01

I got this lipstick in a Revlon Lucky Bag over a few months ago, and though I'd been wanting a matte nude lipstick for some time, this wasn't as lucky of a score as I'd hoped. I explained what a lucky bag is in a past post, but basically at a super low price you get a bunch of products in a wrapped bag, but you don't know what you are getting. Most of the products were actually awesome, but this was the one fail.

Japanese Revlon Not Just Nudes 01 by KitaRei
Japanese Revlon Not Just Nudes 01, a photo by KitaRei on Flickr.

Why was it a fail you ask? Well, you'd think being #01 you'd think it would be a light color, but it is too dark and yellow-toned for my skin. I tried it on, and looked silly. I don't know anyone who would have liked this lipstick, and I hate waste.. so I had an idea. I actually made a deco lipstick palette and mixed another color with it, and now it's quite wearable :) I'll show the palette in another post.  Don't mind the lipstick smudges and tip wear in this pic ^^;;

Japanese Revlon Not Just Nudes 01 swatch

It was really too bad I had to discard the lipstick packaging, because I thought it was really stylish and sleek, and I LOVED the little window on top of the tube so you can see the color. Oh well, at least I didn't waste the product :)


I'll be back with another post showing the palette I made!


  1. ::wants to see palette!:: Yeah I havent worn mine that much either, it was a good try but yeah I cant imagine what the other "nudes" look like!

  2. Me either! I really don't wanna know how they would look on me if that was the lightest. Posted it up! It's just a practice, (so not very good) so try not to judge me too harshly ^^;;