Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Elf Natural Palette

A little behind I know, but this was part of my NY haul that I didn't get a chance to post due to the family emergency I had a few months ago.  This post is mostly for anyone who didn't get a chance to get it to take another look at it, decide if they want to get it on eBay, and to show elf's good quality.  Oh yeah, and for my reference :)

I love how cute and sparkly the packaging is!
E.l.f. came out with this over Christmas (and they are still available on eBay if you're interested!) as a cheap alternative to Urban Decay's Naked palette.  They were originally $5, but I got mine on clearance for $4.72.
Inside is instructions on how to apply the shadows, a mirror, 12 shadows in matte, metallic and slightly sparkly shades, a brightening eyeliner in Coffee, and a sponge applicator..which I'm probably never going to use.  I have another brightening eyeliner from another elf set, for me it's just a regular eyeliner.. not great staying power, and I didn't see any brightening effects, but for the price, hey, I'll definitely use it.
Elf Natural Palette open by KitaRei
Elf Natural Palette open, a photo by KitaRei on Flickr.

Here are the swatches, click to enlarge.  I was happy that there were different types of shadow, (matte, metallic, sparkly) and I liked the colors a lot, especially the shimmery champagne shade on the far left in the bottom row.  Most of the shadows were very pigmented and smooth, but some of them weren't, and a few were chalky.  Hey, like I said, for the price, it doesn't bother me.

1st row
These were all fairly light and hard to get a good picture of.  The first one on the left is a good highlighting shade.  I like the pink color.

2nd row
All nice colors, though the darkest on the right was very chalky.

3rd row
LOVED these colors, all were very pigmented.  The champagne color on the far left was so smooth, pigmented and blendable.  The dark olivey gray on the far right was chalky..but still pretty.

All in all, I liked this palette, great for people on a budget, and I will buy these again!  I have a different one from last year that Erika gave me before we started blogging that I'd like to post-I'll have to do another forgotten gem post soon.. actually I have a lot that I need to do!

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