Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hey guys! and Simple at home look.

Just wanted to let you guys know that Renee and I are still alive, just busy(Renee) and sick(me!) I have been battling a bad cold for the past week and a half. The girls I nanny for caught it as well. Im about 85% there, just a really bad headache and cough is left..

But before I leave you guys, Just wanted to show you this simple look I did right before I became ill. I work as a stay at home nanny, so putting on a face of make up is kind of a waste to me, but sometimes we all just want to look a little awake. I do this simple look on days when I feel yuck and I feel instantly better (and more awake!).
Products used are:
Studio Gear Matte foundation(amazing stuff) available online and
Maybelline dream matte powder (lasts for hours!) available at all drugstores, target and
Mac Fluid eyeliner in Black Track (love!)
Maybelline full n soft mascara in Soft Black ( makes your lashes feel super soft)
Rosebud Salve Strawberry lip balm (Yum!)
 I also used the salve on my eyebrows to tame them a bit, does a great job!

I'm not wearing anything on my cheeks, but there is a shadow on my face that looks like I do. But alas, no blush or bronzer! Okay, well back to the grind, have a great one today!

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