Saturday, April 28, 2012

Get to know us Tag!

11 facts about us:

  1. I have been trying to get Renee to get a tattoo, but I don't think its going to happen( Scared of needles)  I have four and I want one more!
  2. Besides make up we are obsessed with nail polish (but I'm sure you guys already knew this ;)!
  3. I met Renee thru a mutual friend who did not want us to be friends and tried to even keep us apart. we are not friends with this person anymore!
  4. We like to call each other Wifey to freak people out sometimes, its fun! Especially her mom.
  5. We are obsessed with TV, we could sit down and watch friends and the nanny all day and not care. Seriously.
  6. Im older then renee by 3 and a half months, but graduated a year from high school a year after her. I started school late due to illness when I was younger.
  7. I am always ready to give Renee my 2 sisters and brother, when ever she is ready!
  8. I was Renee's maid of Honor, and from time to time I like to put on my dress to feel fancy;)
  9. Renee's favorite flower is tea roses and mine are orchids, she even made sure that I had them in my bouquet for her wedding :D
  10. I may be the artist but Renee is amazing at drawing in Paint. I mean amazing! Me on the other hand, not good at all.
  11. We can quote Aladdin all day, and randomly we say to each other "I think it's time to say goodbye to Prince A-boo-boo" out of nowhere. Her husband thinks we are nuts. It may be true!
Liz's Questions:
1) Do you consider yourself a high-maintenance person?  Meh… Not really. But if I'm leaving the house I need to be wearing mascara, foundation and lip stain.

2) What Spring/Summer cosmetic collections or items are you looking forward to purchasing?
Hmm.. I saw the new Chanel make up for the summer, and it looks gorgeous but lets be realistic here I can not afford it!

3) Would you ever want to have a makeover done on you?  Sure, why not?Oh hell yes! I had my make up done at Sephora from a make up artist for Urban Decay, it was so fun and 3x at Ulta. You just feel so glamorous :)

4) What's your favorite Spring/Summer fragrance?  Ralph by Ralph Lauren. Hands down!

5) How many shoes do you own?  Id clock it around 25? A good amount are flip flops!

6) Name three of your favorite cosmetic brands:  Urban Decay, Stila,  MAC
7)  Favorite articles of clothing to wear for Spring/Summer?  Tanks, flip flops and tees

8) When was the last time you had a manicure?  Wow… I can not remember. December! With Renee and our friend Julie.

9) Have you done anything new and different lately?

10: What colors do you think you look best in, and which do you think you look the worst in? Gray, and hot pink.  For some reason Yellow is not my color..

11) Which new fashion/make-up trends would you like to wear this season? A lavender eye, I keep seeing them pop up everywhere and it looks really pretty!

Okay I suck at thinking of questions! I will get the next one Renee, I promise!

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  1. Wifey, you alo know us too well! LOL I had a few good laughs~
    p.s. I am holding you to that promise ^_~